Let’s move from the basic “what happened”
to “how and why it happened”.
We have moved from linear training to more sophisticated and challenging content which is able to adapt to learner's needs. Because if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you.

Virtual Medical Coaching has partnered with Skilitics to bring you efficient, effective, adaptive digital learning solutions for your education and training needs.

The entire platform has been built specifically for training and offers detailed analytics and insights about each learner.

It can track behaviours, risks, competencies and strengths.

We use big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning to offer the most efficient training and achieve the most sophisticated reports about your learners.

Content development
Based on the latest adaptive learning techniques Virtual Medical Coaching can develop advanced training and assessment for you.

This will be visually engaging and intuitive for your learners and deliverable via tablet, LMS, or website.

It is easily themed and localised to match cultural and language requirements.
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